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  Water Damaged Phone Repairs

Water Damaged Phone Repairs


Specialists in Liquid / water damaged mobile phone repairs Adelaide, LCD + touch screen digitizer replacement, Unlocking & de-branding, Firmware Upgrade, Computer, MP3 & MP4 upgrades & repairs. Free Quotes


Water Damaged Mobile Phone Repairs Melbourne – Apple iphone Nokia Samsung LG Motorola Sony Ericsson SE HTC Blackberry

Have you ever dropped your phone in a puddle, in the sink, in the toilet or left it out in the rain? Ever jumped into a swimming pool or down the beach and remembered that your precious mobile phone was in your pocket still?

Well don’t panic! Help is here! If you follow these steps theres a very good chance your mobile phone can be saved.

Upon knowledge that your mobile phone has been in water or had water in it,

  • Remove it from the water
  • Remove the battery **IMPORTANT**
  • DO NOT APPLY BATTERY OR CHARGER AGAIN! This is what normally kills electronics which have been wet. The less time it is wet with an electrical current passing through the less chance fatal damage will be caused to your device!
  • Place the handset and the now removed battery into a resealable bag half filled with rice **THIS IS OPTIONAL BUT THE RICE MUST NOT GET SATURATED SO ITS A GLUGGY MESS. THIS WILL RUIN YOUR PHONE EVEN MORE. TRY TO REMOVE AS MUCH WATER AS POSSIBLE BY SHAKING THE PHONE ABRUPTLY FIRST** The rice can help to draw moisture from the handset before technical help is available but is not recommended as the only thing before re-applying the battery or charger to the device. (It is highly recommended that an internal inspection and any corrosion be cleaned from the components before reapplying any battery or charger.)
  • CALL MOBICARE.COM.AU 1300 974 663 and have your handset dried and cleaned professionally for a small fee! Sometimes its all it takes but its always worth a try!

If you follow these steps there is a much greater chance we can save your precious mobile phone! Some models the battery cant be removed such as iphones. Please call Mobicare Mobile Phone Repairs and Sales as soon as possible so your handset can be dried and cleaned without delay!

Most repairs carried out WHILE YOU WAIT

Lowest up front repair prices around !!!

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  “Very prompt and professional service, the repair was worth every cent. Thank you Mobicare, my warranty was expired and would have taken at least three times as long anyway.”
  - Jackson Heystek
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