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  Microphone or Speaker Failure

Cell Phone Speaker, Mic and Ringer Repair

We fix most cell phone microphone, speaker and ringer problems including:

  • Bad Earpiece Speaker - Cant hear people when trying to use my cell phone
  • Bad Microphone - People cant hear me when trying to use my cellular phone
  • Bad Ringer - My phone doesnt ring when I receive a phone call
  • Bad Loud Speaker - When I try to use the hands free loud speaker I cant hear anything and have to switch back to Earpiece Speaker

Dont worry, We can fix your cell phone earpiece speaker, mic and ringer

The descriptions below may seem like they all simply need the defective speaker, microphone or ringer replaced, but the problem could be caused by other things. We recommend that you purchase this Repair Service and send us your cell phone so that one of our factory trained technicians can diagnose your cellular phone and find the exact cause of the problem. Once that has been determined you will be contacted before we proceed with the repair of your cellphone. Parts are not included with this service.

Muffled cell phone earpiece speaker
When having a conversation on my cell phone callers can hear me but I cant hear them.

Defective cellular phone microphone
When trying to have a conversation on my cell phone, callers cant hear me but I can hear them fine.

Damaged cellphone ringer
When I receive a call on my cell phone the ringer doesnt sound but the vibration works fine.

Blown cell phone loud speaker
When I try to use the cell phone hands free speaker on my phone its very low or completely silent.

Crackling cellphone music player
When I listen to mp3 music on my cellphone it sounds very low and cracks.

You are paying for the evaluation and labor fee to repair your cell phone speaker, microphone, ringer and loudspeaker. This service does not include any replacement parts. If any parts are required to complete the repair of your cellphone, you will be contacted by email and asked to purchase the part so that we may complete the repair. We cannot in good faith guarantee that your cell phone is repairable without performing a full diagnostic on your phone. Once we receive and process your cell phone into our system this fee will no longer be refundable.

To speak with a Mobicare customer service professional, please call us toll free at 1300 974 663. Or Request A Free Repair Quote Now!

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  “I thank you very much for your wonderful service. I arrived at 4.15 and you worked expediently to fix my cracked iphone in 20 min. I was so very impressed and the best turn around ..”
  - Robert
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