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  iPad Repairs

Expert iPad Repairs by Certified Technicians... Yes, we do iPad and iPad Retina Repairs!

Do you have a cracked iPad screen or other issue needing repair? Have you been searching for Americas fastest and best quality iPad screen repair company?  Welcome to the iPad repair homepage for Mobicare.  We are a Australia wide provider of iPad repair services. We service customers from Melbourne.. and everything in between. We always offer free shipping for our original quality iPad repair, iPad retina repair, and now New iPad repair services.

The iPad was introduced in April 2010 and has been nothing short of a blockbuster consumer product. The large glass "digitizer" screen, which covers the entire top surface of the device, sits on top of a high resolution LCD. The glass digitizer is what enables the unique multi-touch "gesture" capabilities of the iPad and iPad 2. If you have broken the glass on your iPad 2, you likely need our iPad 2 Cracked Glass repair.  (If you have the white iPad 2, you will need the White iPad 2 Cracked Glass Repair.

All iPad models feature wireless Internet connectivity, via either a Wi-Fi connection or, in some models, also via a 3G connection. All models run on Apples proprietary iOS operating system.

Replace iPad Screen: The glass screen and LCD are the most common things that break and shatter on the iPad and iPad 2, requiring the most frequent repairs. If you have dropped, broken, shattered, or cracked the glass screen on your iPad 2 this page is a great place to get more information about our iPad repair or iPad 2 screen repair services. Let the experts at Mobicare help get you back in the game with our iPad screen replacement service. We dont just provide cracked screen repairs -- we can help you repair many other problems with the Apple iPad.

Mobicare offers fast Australia wide iPad repair services. So no matter where you live, the shipping price is always the same...FREE.

To speak with a Mobicare customer service professional, please call us toll free at 1300 974 663.

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  “Fantastic, Bombastic... Cant say enough... Not only my iPhone 4S had a blasted screen but it wouldnt locate signal... They fixed it charging me only the screen in 30 minutes. Guys,..”
  - Karl
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